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A Hearing Aid by Itself Does Not Work

There are many critical stages to a hearing aid fitting. These include:

  • fitting in the ear well
  • sound is comfortable at all times
  • learning how to care for the hearing aids on a daily basis
  • fine tuning /programming to address different listening situations
  • addressing phone use issues
  • understanding the benefits and limitations of hearing aid use

These tasks are accomplished during a series of office visits. Usually, there are a few visits within the first few months and then periodically during the year to help the patient maintain well working devices.

A hearing aid is not a stand-alone, ready-to-work device like a pair of reading glasses or a radio. Many features must be fitted to the patient, and take place over the course of a few weeks, as one acclimates to better hearing. The programming, care and fitting are all critically important.

An AUDIOLOGIST is your go-to-professional who is schooled and trained in hearing health care. Purchasing hearing aids online or through a big box store is a mistake and usually ends unhappily. A successful hearing aid user is the result of the patient, family and AUDIOLOGIST working together towards the shared goal: making life better through better hearing.