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Hearing Aid Videos

What does a hearing loss sound like?

Listen to this Flintstones video to hear how speech becomes more and more distorted with hearing changes: from a slight loss to a severe hearing loss.

Eddy the Ear Visits a Hearing Specialist

Eddy visits a hearing specialist for the first time and discusses what he can expect during his appointment.

Different Types Of Hearing Aids

A brief overview of the different types of hearing aids that are available.

What To Expect From A Hearing Exam

A brief overview of what to expect from an in-office hearing exam.

How To Replace Batteries In Your Hearing Device

A brief overview of how to replace the existing batteries in your hearing aid or device.

How To Clean Your Hearing Aid

A brief overview of how to clean your hearing aid or device.

Phone Use With A Hearing Aid

A brief overview of using your hearing aid or device on the phone.

Spotlight on hearing loss

How to insert hearing aid