Features in Hearing Aids

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Advances in digital technology allow hearing aids to perform like mini-computers, making millions of calculations and adjustments in a flash. These new advances allow sound to reproduce more naturally by adapting to ever changing environments. Features may offer full automation or more manual involvement, depending on the user’s desires. Hearing aids are much more sophisticated and overall more manageable. These are not your father’s hearing aids!

Modern hearing aids often have advanced features like:

Multiple Channels of Compression * Helps to restore soft speech sounds

Expansion * Minimizes undesirable softer sounds (like fans or other steady state noises)

Feedback Reduction * Self-monitoring function to keep the hearing aid from squealing

Digital Noise Reduction * Minimizes intensity of loud, sharp sounds and the discomfort of listening in noisy places in order to preserve the unique quality of speech

Directional Microphones * Helps the user focus on hearing the desired sounds by reducing sounds that originate from behind

Input Signal Classification & Automatic Program Switching * Recognizes a particular listening situation and automatically adjusts to the optimal settings for that situation

Data Logging * Provides an electronic record of your hearing aid use, such as numbers of hours worn, and in what environments each setting is selected

Multiple Memories * Programs for specific listening situations, as quiet, noisy situations, music, lecture, car, place of worship, etc.

Remote Control * Hand held device that is used to adjust settings such as volume, clarity, programs, access to FM and BLUETOOTH settings

Wireless Blue Tooth Capability * Pairs your hearing aid to other electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and television

Learning Capabilities * Allows the user to ‘train’ their hearing aids to the environments they most often find themselves in.

Wireless Coupling * Allows user to change settings of both hearing aids by touching only one device (they talk to each other)

Rechargeable Power * Recharging hearing aid batteries without removing them from hearing aids by placing them in a recharger cradle when not in use