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What are the Benefits of Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids?

As with any hearing aid, Bluetooth-enabled devices have some benefits and downsides. One benefit is that using Bluetooth technology allows you to obtain a better sound quality when using your hearing aids with your favorite electronic devices. Think of them as a wireless pair of headphones: they are convenient and cordless for high-quality sound.

The telecoil was a lifesaver for hearing aid users to adapt to new technologies like cell phones and MP3 players. Similarly, Bluetooth is quickly replacing telecoils. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids make connecting to modern technology even easier for hearing aid users.  Making phone calls, conference calls, and technology use can be an enjoyable experience for the hearing aid user. Bluetooth can also eliminate the annoyances of technology use with traditional hearing aids such as feedback and static noise interference.

What are the Disadvantages?

When Bluetooth is used with a hearing aid, the microphone inside the hearing aid may be shut off or reduced, depending on the hearing aid you are using and the way it is set by your audiologist. This can have its disadvantages, as you may not have amplification of other necessary sounds around you during Bluetooth use.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids do require set up to work with electronic devices, and Dr. Papel will assist you in this arrangement.   They may also require the hearing aid wearer to use a small transmitter accessory.  The transmitter converts the Bluetooth signal from the electronic device or mobile phone, to a technology that is understood by the hearing aid.  Being out of range of the transmitter means that the Bluetooth signal will not reach the hearing aids.

Bluetooth accessories are also an additional expense, and its cost must be weighed for its additional value.

If you are interested in Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices, talk to Dr. Papel about all your options.  Discuss the listening situations you frequently participate and any other devices you might use.  Ask for a demonstration of how Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids could make that a better experience