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Bluetooth Hearing Aids and APPS

Most hearing aids today have the capability to work with other wireless devices such as a cell phone, tablet, or a computer. Hearing aids which are connected and “paired” may allow one to listen to music or media from a device directly into one or both hearing aids. Phone calls may also be streamed or sent directly into the hearing aids, eliminating the need for using speaker phone mode. These options enhance one’s use of amplification by eliminating the anxiety of trying to understand on the telephone or bother others who do not want to hear your media.

In the case of streaming media or music, the hearing aids allow one to hear a podcast, music or book-on-tape while continuing to function as hearing aids. This makes an activity such as taking a walk much safer, as the surrounding sounds are still able to be heard.

Phone calls may also be streamed into hearing aids to improve clarity of speech and in some cases offer a hands-free option. Instead of putting the phone up to one’s ear, or putting the call on speaker phone, the sound will stream directly into the devices, providing privacy and confidence in communication.


Hearing Aids may also be controlled using a cell phone, remote, or tablet. Each manufacturer has developed an APP, which is downloaded onto the device. This APP will allow the user to adjust the hearing aids, create new settings if desired, and offer a FIND MY HEARING AID feature!

In some cases, the APP may allow for ‘remote’ care between Dr. Papel and the hearing aid patient.

Dr. Papel is proficient in Bluetooth connectivity for hearing aids and related wireless devices. Any or all of these connectivity options will be set up at fitting appointment and monitored during subsequent appointments.