Leslie Papelaud | Hearing Services of Baltimore


1838 Greene Tree Road Suite 370 Baltimore, Maryland, 21208

In Office Services

  • Comprehensive audiologic evaluation, including immittance audiometry
  • Speech-In-Noise Test to determine ability to hear in noise compared to normal hearing persons.
  • Canalith repositioning treatment for diagnosed Benign Positional Vertigo
  • In house repairs
  • Hearing aid dispensing of digital technology instruments, multiple manufacturers, specialized to the individual's needs and lifestyle
  • SIXTY DAY adjustment period for returns or changes
  • All digital purchases include the 3 year warranty and a 3 year loss and damage policy with a low processing fee
  • Real Ear Measures/Live Speech Mapping
  • Real Ear Measures using using SPEECH allows us to see exactly what the hearing aid is doing while in the patient's ear. This "Live Speech Map" is the most important way of verifying the patient's benefit from amplification.
  • Hearing aid assessments, including demonstrations of current technologies
  • Hearing conservation products, such as custom earmolds, musician's molds, as well as other hearing protection
  • Assistive listening devices such as TV EARS, telephone amplifiers, clock/radio alarms, personal amplifiers, and telephone ring enhancers
  • Specialized custom molds for Bluetooth devices, pilot molds, and UM driver systems as seen on www.ultimateears.com/en-us
  • Hearing aid reconditioning and repair of all makes and models of amplification
  • Some in-house repairs of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid loaners may be available
  • Repair warranty and loss/damage policies for all makes and models